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Pinky wearing headphonesDear Jazzistas,

This week we celebrate the life of our Beloved Birdland Mascot, Pinky, the beagle, who passed away this week on Monday. She was my companion for over 16 years and served Birdland by eating all your rib bones on the floor and sidewalk at the social club. She and Herschel, the Lab-Mastif mix, held down Birdland Berkeley since the very beginning greeting folks coming in, stealing their chicken bones at times(they got tired of eating rib bones), and staying up all night partying with us on the weekends. She was a true jazzista. She moved to the Philippines three years ago before me to make sure I go back there permanently. She is buried in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. Like many of you, she did hear a lot of great music.

This weekend to celebrate one of the original jazzistas:

Friday Jazz, Aug 7
8pm Logan Kane Trio
945pm Sound Sports(NYC)

Saturday Blues, Aug 8
Dee Washington and the Lovelight Blues Band

(Dee is not to missed. He’s a bad cat on the vocals)

Have a great time and let’s invite some new friends and thank you for the 8 new card members last week and also for the bands that played especially Ben Ring, Colson Jimenez, and Nat Bolden who rocked the Saturday blues party.

—Toliver and Brian and the rest of the Birdland Crew

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