Michele Donato “Birdman” Parayno and Pinky “Ciccia Oide”

Impresario, Birdman, Dishwasher, Griller, Doorman, Cigarette Butts, Bottles and Bottle Cap Picker Upper, Birddog, Doordog, Post Ribs Processor

Paul “Machenga” Lynch

Musical Director, Bass Player, Griller, Clean Up the Next Morning Neighbor, Birdland Sponsor



Dr. Kara “Work me like an Immigrant” Lynch

Dishwasher, Recyclable Materials Specialist, Salads When I Have Time, Birdland Sponsor


Julien and Hershel “Easy my Boy”

Doormen, Doordog, Birdland Security, Griller, Dishwasher, Rib Bones Post Processor


Eric “I Will Have You Removed from the Premises” Arnold

Photographer, Advisor, Birdland Security, Media and Community Relations, Recording Engineer, Tanduay Rum Club Gate Keeper


Morgan “Multi Culti Grill” Lim and Denise Robichau

Resident Grill Artist, Impresario, Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructor, Birdland Sponsor, Counter Propaganda


Dan “Just Plain Dan(JPD)” Reamon

Griller, Mellow Patrol, Birdland Sponsor. Firepit Maintenance, Counter Propaganda Specialist, Tanduay Rum Club Gate Keeper








Jerry “Jazzista Funk: I’m not Morgan Lim” Kith

Grilla, Jazzista Funk, Mellow Patrol


Dorin “Papa D/Pauper D”Blumberg

Griller, Birdland Sponsor, Guest Reggae Artist


“Agent Dog”

Birdland Sponsor, Boxing Pay Per View/Sporting Events Coordinator, Entertainment Adviser


Pierre Palancade and Belle “the solid”

Birdland Sponsor, Birdland Security, Griller, Doorman, Doordog


Helio “Cougar Magnet” Conceicao

Director of Everything That Needs to be Done on Friday, Doorman, Birdland Security, Capoiera Instructor, Griller


Felipe “Let me offer you my Chilean Sea Bass, Meng” de Calisto

Resident Smartphone DJ, Transportation, Griller and Lady Killer(look into my deep latin eyes)


Larry “Where are the German girls?”

Chairs, Cigarette Butts, Beer Bottle Caps, and Recyclables Specialist



David “Am I supposed to wear a Tie at Birdland?” Wright/Matea Marsic

Website Administrators, Paul Lynch Quartet


Hugo and Erik “Jazz Mafia” Shiboski

Berkeley High School Jazz Liaison, Sax and Bass Player


Vivian “Busy Vee” Sachs


Joseph “Pulutan and serbesa” Canoy

Videographer, Documentarian


Marika “Malaya” Arcese/Natalya “Kooks” Kintanar

Social Media, International Liaisons(Rome and Manila)


Victor “Papito Chinito” Michel

International Press, Ciudad de Mexico

Pam “How long do you want the velvet drapes for Birdland?” Hollis

Birdland Stage Designer, Desert Special Forces


Dr. Yacine “Don’t Shoot that Bird-It’s a Global Place” Kouyate

Mali Master Musician and Scholar, Spiritual Guide of Birdland


Djs’ Riddm and Kool Kyle

Resident Djs


Beth “We have to get together soon” Castberg

Impressario, San Francisco Liaison


Gopal, Daniel, and Will “Boxing Experts”

Boxing Programming, News, and Commentary


Shawn Mancillas and Lindsey “the animals attacked the avocado key lime pie again” Payne

Birdland Monitors, Avocado Key Lime Desert Specialists


Chris “funky albino” Brown

Albino Band, Afro Beat Programmer, Trumpeter, True Jazzista


Ricardo “See you in my dreams”

Impresario, Greeter, Griller, Neighborhood Playboy, Campaign Manager, Birdland Security













“Are you lookin’ at me?” “Any Queshhhtyonshs?”