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  1. birdman Says:

    How do I become a member?
    You can become a member at the venue that evening or via email. You just have to sign a membership form at the door.

    When are you open?
    We are open every Friday 8pm till the rooster crows three times and the last Saturday of each month. We will add more Saturdays during the summer including Sunday afternoons and Thursday programming. We are often short on volunteers so we don’t want to tire out the door dogs, Pinky and Hershcel, who both have union contracts with Birdland.

    How do i become a volunteer?
    Just email the birdman at paparayno@gmail.com or call at 510-827-5414. The duties are fairly straight forward: work the door, the grill, and help clean up that evening or the following morning for an hour. Most of the time, Birdland can run on one volunteer and one door dog but it would be great having another volunteer to work the second bbq grill.

    Do you serve alcohol?
    No, we do not serve alcohol. It’s bring your own beverage. If we have beer, we only share it to our close friends and jazzistas we know very very well.

    How much are the donations for the music?
    The bbq is always free and the donations goes towards the artists and little things needed to run Birdland like charcoal for the grill, utilities, dishes, and forks. Donations range from $10-20 depending on the artists playing that evening.

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