Musicians/Backline Equipment


Backline Equipment

Full PA System(3 QSC Powered Monitors)

Allen and Heath 24 Channel Mixer

Mics: Shure Beta58s(1), Sennheiser MD421, Blue Mic 300(3), AKG D112, Rode NT5(2)

Amps: Polytone Taurus Elite Keyboard/Bass amp, Markbass 210 combo bass amp, Elkatone keyboard for Hammond, Roland JC Chorus 120 keyboard/guitar amp, Polytone Mini Brute guitar amp, Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amp, Jazzkat Tomkat guitar, keyboard, and bass amp, Ephiphone Blues Custom guitar amp, Motion Sound Key Pro KP-200s

Piano/Keyboards: 1897 Antisell Upright Grand/1924 Birdlandorfer Baby Grand, Technics SPX 30

Drums: Canopus Neo Vintage Jazz kit(hand made top of the line from Canopus) with Zildjian K series cymbals and high hats. Spaun Custom Series Jazz Drum kit. (just bring your sticks)

Mic stands and boom mics(6), music stands(2)


BIRDLAND JAZZISTA SOCIAL CLUB endorses Canopus Drums, Spaun Drums, Blue Mic, Jazzkat Amps, Mark Bass Amps and Nord keyboards.