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“We don’t present music; we present life” Please note we are not a music venue. There are lots of great jazz, blues, and music venues in the bay area. But if you want to socialize and party to jazz and blues the way they did it in the early days in the 1940’s and 1950s, then you’re coming to the right place.

YOU MUST BE ON E-MAIL LIST TO GET PRIVATE INVITATIONS TO OUR MUSIC SCHEDULE. Otherwise, calendar for the week is posted on home page and KCSM 91.1 Jazz Calender

OPEN:(Havana/Manila/Rio/Rippongi/BA/NYC Standard Time)

Oakland, CA

8pm -11pm



Welcome to the Birdland Jazzista Social Club. If you would like

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2011 Sample Music Schedule just to show you a sample of Jazzista sessions.(2014-2019 Schedule will be emailed to members)

Friday, March 11
Chuck MacKinnon Mactet 830pm
Berkeley High Jazz Combo, 11pm

Friday, March 18,
Nancy Wright Trio, 830pm
Berkeley High Jazz Combo, 11pm

Friday, March 25
Nerio Degracia Mambo Jazztet, 830pm
Stina Da Silva, 11pm

Friday, April 1
Clifford Brown III Brewing Company, 830pm
Broun Fellinis, 11pm

Friday, April 8
Paul Lynch Quartet 830pm
Rene Escovedo Trio(UMP), 11pm

Friday, April 15
Billy White Trio(nyc), 830pm
Little Brown Brother, 11pm

Friday, April 22
Terrence Brewer, 830pm
Downbeat’s Best High School Jazz Combo: Berkeley High, 11pm

Friday, April 29
Kulingtang Jazz Experiment, 830pm

John Calloway Tumbao, 11pm

Saturday, April 30
Lloyd Gregory, 830pm
Ronald Matthews Neo Soul Groove, 11pm

Friday, May 6
Paul Lynch Quartet, 830pm
Javier Navarette(UMP), 11pm

Saturday, May 7
Manny Pacquiao vs. Sugar Shane Mosley Live on PPV
6pm to 10pm. BBQ served by our three lovely Jazzista Round Girls

Friday, May 13
Josh Jones Trio, 830pm
Valerie Trout,(UMP artist) 11pm

Saturday, May 14
Spoonbill,(Dirty New Orleans Blues), 830pm
V3 Jazz Trio with Otoe Mori,

Friday, May 20
Sam Klein-Markman, 730pm(Benvenuti A Birdland)
John Santos Sextet, 830pm
Laucia Paiva,(Bossa Nova, Momenti Intimi nel Hookah Lounge),8pm
Dr. Yacine Kouyate(Sounds of Mali, Momenti Intimi nel Birdhouse Workshop), 930pm
Berkeley High Jazz All Stars 11:30pm

Saturday, May 21
Yacine Kouyate “Mali Meets Jazz,” 8pm
Brian Ho Trio with Calvin Keys, 930pm
Craig Horton Blues Band, 11pm

Friday, May 27
Nerio Degracia Mambo Jazztet, 830pm
Mary D’Orazi Trio, 11pm

Saturday, May 28
Sheilani Alix, 830pm
Bob Kenmotsu Quartet, 11pm
Yan Yuzon and Wendell Garcia,(Archipelago,

Friday, June 3
El Guajiro, 830pm
Birdland Quartet aka Paul Lynch Quartet, 11pm

Saturday, June 4
Little Brown Brother,
Craig Horton Blues Band, with Gee Gee Amos

Friday, June 10
John Kaleen Group, 8pm Humanistic with Otoe Mori, 10pm
Berkeley High Jazz Graduation Jazz Jam Combos, 12am

Saturday, June 11-Japanese Tsunami Benefit Concert- please come and support Sam Klein-Markman and Brian Timar, 7pm(Benvenuti a Birdland)
Ed Reed,
Lena Sunday, 10pm
Tom Kanematsu and Sakura(from Japan-Tsumani Relief Benefit Concert), 12am-2am
Amber Gougis, 830pm(Tanduay Rum Club Room)

Sunday, June 12
Birdland Jazz Trio Jam Session(Jaz Sawyer, Birdland Jam Session Musical Director), 1-4pm
Albany Middle School Jazz All Stars, 6-9pm

Friday, June 17
The Seething Brunswicks 830pm
Anton Schwartz Quartet,
Jonah Levine Quintet, 1am

Saturday, June 18
GG Amos Blues Band(Quiz, Review, and Final), 830pm
“Songbird” Tonette Jeanine and other Birds, 11pm

Sunday, June 19th
Rafael Marquez Latin Jazz Descarga, 1-4pm

Friday, June 24
Matt Renzi, 830pm
Dayna Stephens, 11pm
Jonah Levine Quintet, 1am

Saturday, June 25
Kickin’ The Mule, 830pm
Nerio Degracia Mambo Jazztet, 11pm

Sunday, June 26
Birdland Jazz Trio Jam Session(Caroline Chung,leader, Citizen’s Jazz), 1-4pm

Friday, July 1
Ray Obiedo and Mistura Fina,
Mo’Fone, 11pm

Saturday, July 2
Hard Bob Collective, 830pm
Paul Lynch Quartet 11pm
Gee Gee Amos Bluzzista, 1am

Sunday, July 3
Sandor y Su Mechanica,
Sabor Mucho Calor Latin Jazz con Pollo Frito y Waffles, 1-4pm

Friday, July 8
Dayna Stephens, 830pm
VNote Ensemble
- 11pm
Paul Lynch Trio 1am

Saturday, July 9
Lisa Lindsley, 830pm
Laucia Paiva Bossa Nova,
Vince Khoe Trio, 1am

Sunday, July 10
Charles Hamilton Band(former director of BHS Jazz), 1-4pm

Friday, July 15
CHELLE & Friends 830pm
Santos Perdidos, 11pm
Hugo Shiboski Quintet, 1am

Saturday, July 16
Jaz Sawyer Quartet, 830pm
Mike Abraham Trio, 11pm
Mon David with Donald “Duck” Bailey, 1230am

Sunday, July 17
Steve Deutsch Latin Jazz Ensemble, 1-4 Chicken Wings/Waffle Brunch

Friday, July 22
Tito Y Son de Cuba 830pm
GG Amos Blues Band 11pm
Joe Warner Trio, 1am

Saturday, July 23
Jesse Brown and Purple Smoke Bomb,
Adam Schulman Trio, 11pm
“Songbird” Tonette Jeanine and other Birds,, 1am

Sunday, July 24th
Vince Khoe Trio/Jazz Jam, 1-4 pm Chicken Wings and Waffle

Thursday, July 28
Cermak Band, 830pm

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 29, 30, and 31
2011 Unofficial, Uncensored, Unplugged(Probably Illegal, Bahala Na) Pinoy Jazz Festival

Friday July 29
6pm Sheilani Alix Na Kayo
8pm Little Brown Brother and Adobo with Rice
10pm John Calloway Tumbong Tumbao
12am Jonathan Bautista Trio
2am Jonah Levine Hot Five

Saturday July 30
1pm Mo’Fone
330pm Kuya Manny Cruz Latin Jazz Band
6pm Brian (Filipin)Ho Trio with Oscar Panglalinan
830pm Melecio Magdaluyo Ensemble
11pm Nerio De(s)gracia Mambo Jazztet
2am Clifford Brown III San Miguel Brewing Company

Sunday July 31
1pm Kul-X Rated Descarga(open jam) featuring Master Danny Kalanduyan
330pm Art Khu(Khu) Trio
6pm Lena Sunday on a Sunday Pala
830pm RAQ

Friday, August 5
Kickin’ The Mule Blues Band, 830pm
Paul Lynch Quartet, 11pm
Dan Zemelman, 1am

Saturday, August 6
Valerie Trout, 830pm
Gee Gee Amos Blues Review, 11pm
Billy Buss Quartet,

Sunday, August 7
Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel, 1-4pm

Friday, August 12
Chuck MacKinnon Mactet,
Sheilani Alix,

Saturday, August 13
Macy Blackman and the Mighty Fines, 830pm
Lau Paiva Group, 11pm

Friday, August 19
Quijerema, 830pm
Musical Art Quintet, 11pm

Saturday, August 20
RAQ, 8pm
Little Brown Brother,

Friday, August 26
Falsa Baihano, 830pm
Clifford Brown Brewing Company, 11pm

Saturday, August 27
Adrian Gormley Group, 830pm
Nerio Degracia Mambo Jazztet,

Friday, Sept 2
Lloyd Gregory, 830pm
Lena Sunday

Saturday, Sept 3
Crystal Monee Hall, 830pm
Art Khu Quintet

Friday, September 9
Jared Gold Organ Trio featuring Ed Cherry and Sylvia Cuenca, 830pm
Jonah Udall Quintet,

Saturday, September 10
Mary D’Orazi with Marcos Silva, “Brazilian Jazz”, 830pm
Citizen Jazz Trio, 11pm

Friday, September 16
Laura Klein and Five Play, 830pm
Little Brown Brother, 11pm

Saturday, September 17
Nicolas Bearde, 830pm
Blakeys Beat, 11pm

Friday, September 23
Russo Alberts Trio, 830pm
Harrison Reinisch Ensemble, 11pm

Saturday, September 24
Ray Obiedo Mistura Fina, 830pm
Nora Stanley Group

Friday, September 30
Jerome Sabbah Trio, 830pm
Nerio Degracia Mambo Jazztet
, 11pm

Friday, October 7
Joe Warner Group, 830pm
Lev Facher Jazz Couriers, 11pm

Friday, October 14
Citizen Jazz, 830pm
Jonah Udall Group, 11pm

Friday, October 21
Time Out Quartet, 830pm
TBA, 11pm

Friday, October 28
TJ Band, 830pm

Friday, November 4
Randy Moore Trio , 830pm
TBA, 11pm

Friday, November 11
Keith Husbands Trio, 8pm
TBA, 1030pm

Friday, November 18
RWH Jazz Triad, 8pm

Friday, December 2
TBA, 830pm
TBA, 1030pm

Friday, December 9
TBA, 830pm

TBA, 11pm

Friday, December 16
TBA, 8pm
TBA, 1030pm

2012(not updated for a reason)


Birdland Jazzista Social Club Oakland currently does not sell or serve food. Cafe will open at the 4th quarter of 2014/1st quarter 2015.

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